1. Did you know the Federal Reserve has never been audited since its inception?

    9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Can’t Explain -  http://vimeo.com/33661368

    The Federal Reserve, the unelected central bank of the U.S., enjoys a monopoly over the flow of our nation’s money and credit but has never been completely transparent and accountable to Congress since its creation in 1913.


    The idea that the Fed’s mission would be undermined by an audit, said Grayson, “is a scarecrow erected by people who want to cover up the actions of the Fed for their own purposes, including those who actually have worked at part of the Fed, to prevent accountability at any cost.”


    "It’s certainly no surprise that banking insiders at Treasury don’t want transparency at the Fed," said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for Rep. Paul. "They are wrapped up in the central bank shenanagins too, and do not want their wheelings and dealings out in the open any more than Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke,”

  2. Awesome scene, lego version!

  3. A Little Birdie Told Me

    Chit chat about me on the internet. *o* When did this start? lol.


    RT @monicaeeek: Fab new video made for @CTCKENYA by Krishni, one of the interns! Check it out and then feel super inclined to vote! http …

  4. Passive Aggressive Punctuation xDD

    Watch video here: http://www.zefrank.com/punc/

    Very funny (kinda creepy as well).

  5. Video of protestor at House Hearing with Tony Hayward.

    I agree. Charge him with a crime.

  6. Wow. Really an amazingly inspiring video.

  7. Futuristic. *o*

  8. Programmable matter: an amazing discovery that embodies futurism.


  9. Title: Russell Brand in New York City (Part 5)

    1:50 to 2:13 LMAO. ROFL. Russell Brand is pretty funny after all.

    ::Puppet ^_^

  10. Obama takes a swing at comedy at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. 7:50 = Funny joke about Obama and Hilary. “Warmer, Fuzzier White House” “Airforce One Joyride” «<Lmao. Barack looks young. ^_^ I’m happy with our new president.


  11. Funny parody of the song “We didn’t start the fire,” by Billy Joel

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