1. Submitted by rabittfood: My question…

    yaa.. so i know this guy who never puts the seat down after he uses it! Its really nasty, and inconsiderate!! and my question is… WHAT KINDA MANN IS THAT!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! LMAO! I must know you. Only two people know that I find that phrase, “what kinda man is that,” to be hilarious. xD

    Now let me guess, Aaron. Why? Because of your name: rabittfood. You always did want to eat my bunny ;_;

    P.S. It is a man.

  2. Anthropology

    I need some wisdom about it.

    On a somewhat side note, helping other people feels great.

  3. I love it. It has an intelligent ring to it. ha ha. I need more though. Who are you? Answer in three words.

    I love it. It has an intelligent ring to it. ha ha. I need more though. Who are you? Answer in three words.



    does anyone have an edit of higher power with just the line “love is not impossible, i have seen her broken and beautiful” or know how i can edit it? from around 0:39-0:50 would be good. :)

    wanna make it my message tone on my phone. right now it’s papa don’t preach and it’s like, over a minute long and as much as i love it, it’s way too long and i turn it off right after the “papa, i know you’re going to be upset” lol.

    need sleep now so i’ll check if anyone responds tomorrow. :) love you all.

    I use audacity. But, I warn you, it is not for the weak!

    Otherwise, I would google a website and just experiment.

  5. Think about it



    I know this is a rather morbid subject but I have been thinking about it now and then about how I die. I want to die in a peaceful slumber. You see I have this theory that we would just keep on dreaming whatever it is we are dreaming of if we were to die during our sleep. I like my dreams. Perfect choice. At least for me. Then it would be just a matter of luck that my good dreams would continue on that night, because it could take a sudden turn for the bad…

    So now you tell me. How would you want to go?

    Ever since I saw Bicentennial Man (and Notebook), I have had this reoccurring (among other scenarios) thought that dying at the same time and place as my lover would be the way to go.

  6. How would you describe yourself in three words?

    You can draw as well.

    I have to do it for my college during orientation week. I’m having a hard time figuring it out.

    Maybe: undecided unstoppable understatement

    lol. Got anything?

  7. Question..


    What does flaxseed taste like? Good?

    What another perfect question! Flaxseed is really good for you.

    I don’t know exactly what it taste like so sorry on that, but if you are worried you won’t like it but want it for your health, then get a very finely chopped bag of it and put some in your pancake batter (it is what I do). It taste delicious that way. ^-^

  8. Family Secrets


    What are your thoughts on blogging openly about your family? My family despises it. Yet, as long as it’s not on my Facebook or Twitter, they will not now until I tell them or link publicly to my Tumblr. Or they happen to find it.

    I’m a big fan of honesty. And venting. I’m also a bit of a writer so it’s hard not to write. They say it’s inappropriate to divulge intimate things about the family. I think they shouldn’t do things that they’re ashamed by. If they treated me equally and fairly, then I’d have nothing to bitch about.

    So, what do the tumblrs think?

    Honesty is awesome and too bad the world doesn’t encourage it. My best way around all of that is to blog anonymously. Plus, my dad always said, “be careful what you do now because you never know who you will become.”

  9. Hey everyone, if you were an animal what would you be?


    I would be an otter :3

    An elephant. “How much do elephants eat? Lots! As much as 660 pounds (~300 kg) of vegetable matter a day.” That’s a lot, but I’m a vegetarian so this is a nice little (huge) fit.

    Random: My lovely friend said my boyfriend and I remind her of playing otters.

  10. Does Anyone Know How I Could Get Photoshop Onto My Laptop?

    (via xandriamonique)

    I just have to say, this is an awesome question that I know the answer to.

    Go here: www.warez-bb.org/

    Make a free account

    Use their search, find what you need.


    You could buy it from adobe’s website.. just saying..

  11. Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

    (via shayyleighc)

    My pick: In my bed.. I don’t like the thought of being kidnapped.

    All jokes aside, ummmmm in Paris (cliche? yea). I have always since I don’t know when wanted to go there. Fun fact: my room is Paris themed with an Eiffel that stands to my belly button.

  12. What are you afraid of?


    Until today I would have said I’m afraid to die, afraid of death. It is not Death we all fear. We fear loss. We fear being lost and loosing. What is it about death that is scary? It is what we loose, it is whom we loose. The end of more than a life.

    Personally, I believe it is the unknown that makes death fearful. Not knowing whether it will be better or worse or if it will be anything at all.

    Source: Hamlet’s soliloquies, 18 years of living

  13. Morning World

    • Woke-up without any “serial killer” dreams on my mind
    • Checked on Jon downstairs
    • Handled cellphone bill
    • Got ready for Walmart run (to get antifreeze and peanuts)
    • Took Jon home
    • Ate Frosted Flakes with peanuts ^_^
    • Saw Fox News on downstairs tv… changed that to CNN
    • Drove to work in the blue dress and new white heels <3
    • Signed a petition against Sarah Palin being on the Discovery Channel
    • Made this list

    What was your morning like?

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