1. Thank you

    Thank you beyondraisalove,

    You inspired me to stick around.


    I had not made up my mind on how I felt exactly. At least not truly to myself could I admit it as “the best time of my life” or something less appealing. But I think I have come to some conclusions and though it is almost petty for me to say what I am about to say with only being here 2 weeks, I will say it anyways because I seem to run into this same problem everywhere I go and the only true common factor is me (or so for simplicity I will say that).

    I am uncomfortable to some degree here (as I am everywhere I suppose). And I figured out that it is because I am restricted. I feel like I can’t really be myself. I can’t be true to myself and it drives me crazy, but when I do begin to reveal anything worth calling real, I feel isolated which drives me crazy as well. So I have the outgoing and socializing side of me that can’t resist wanting to be friends with the mass (I wish I could stop that), but then I have my need to be honest to myself that is sacrificed when I pursue artificial friendships. My inner self is too harsh, too loud, too passionate, and analyzes to too deep depths that if I even attempt to show it to anyone with a weaker spirit or mind or soul they just stare blankly and turn the subject or get angry for what reason I do not know.

    But to some it all up, I’m lonely. I miss being the unrestricted me and still having great friends.

    Its the lies that kill us all in the end..

    And yet, in darkness, I always eventually see the light..

  2. "I can relate with no one and everyone."
    Krishni (Me)
  3. Sentiments Change

    9867) Will somebody please tell me why all of the sudden everybody is bisexual! Nothing against them, just didn’t know there were so many..

    (via secretsblog)

    There are probably not more than before just more comfort in being more bold about it now than ever before. 

  4. @ documentedhere


    My messages aren’t working so here’s the answer and stuffiez to the message you sent me last night. C:

    Helllo and thank you haha. x3

    Sorry for not being able to respond to this quicker, I was away all day yesterday much to my surprise. o____o

    I see Tumblr doesn’t make a mockery of just me. lol. I’m glad I actually saw this (dashboard overflows frequently), but it was nothing.

    Thank you for replying. x]


  5. "The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!’ What did they call such young people in Goethe’s Germany?"
  6. Would you

    Would anyone like to have a deep discussion about the general nature of humans to come to an introspective moment of pure clarity?

    I don’t know if people don’t want to have that type of conversation or just don’t know how to.

    Or maybe it is a matter of fear.

    Either way, I can’t be the only one who wants more of them. I’m 1 in a million. I just need to find my thousands of clones. ^_^

    (I’m glad I ended this on a good note.)

  7. Just wondering

    I wonder how much of a difference there is between the amount we “think” people care about our social media pages vs. how much people “actually” care.

    Probably a big difference.

    However, today I’m feeling like my time spent on tumblr is like time spent talking to a wall which might be pretty accurate.


    But then again.. I care.. so what does that tell you?

  8. "Love is not about finding the perfect person, it’s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly."
    Jonathan Munevar (via whatoflove)
  9. Freerice.com

    Fight World Hunger

    Just put this on my tumblr.

    For every question you get correct, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to UN World Food Programme. All paid for by a banner of advertising on the game page.

    P.S. It is great if you want to become smarter too.

  10. There needs to be a memo to everyone about the rules of talking while watching television.


    There needs to be a memo to everyone about the rules of talking while watching television.



  11. Omegle: Where did you go?

    You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: Hello

    You: hey..

    Stranger: sooooo

    You: >_> why are you pressuring me to talk. hmmmmmm x[

    You: lol. i’m bored. sorry.

    Stranger: It just said stranger is typing so I thought you were gonna say something

    You: lol. i’m just kidding, don’t be silly

    You: ^-^

    Stranger: Thats good to know

    You: so where are you? (not to be weird or to be weird whatever you fancy)

    Stranger: I’m at my houseYou: lol. nice, me too

    Stranger: Crazy man crazyYou: crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy?

    You: who?

    Stranger: I’m just being werid k?

    You: woah woah woah

    You: no being weird unless you are ME

    You: lolololol

    You: xo

    Stranger: Oh ok then ;|

    You: ho ho ho ho ho

    Stranger: Santa?

    You: more people should be weird though. AND YES!

    You: lol

    Stranger: Yeah! *sits on lap*

    You: lmao, “what can I get you young (m or f) lad?”

    Stranger: (m) Whatever you want big guy!

    Stranger: Give yourself a treat!

    You: *-* really?

    Stranger: Yeah really

    You: YEAH! I want…….

    You: …….hmmm…..

    You: a sea monster

    You: lol. dont ask

    You: its a girl thing

    Stranger: Will the Kraken do?

    You: the kraken?


    Stranger: Half man half octopus

    You: OH YEA, Pirates of the C right? and that is perfect muhahahahahaa

    You: now i can be a sea monster stylist… no one has that job

    Stranger: Well lets get KRAKEN.

    You: YEA!

    You: Name it Charlie the unicorn. XDDD

    Stranger: Did you speak to the weasel king?!

    You: oh…how did you know about that???

    Stranger: I can see into your soul

    Stranger: Nice soul btw

    You: Oh god…i’m surprised you are not blind by now

    You: looking into ppls souls and what not

    Stranger: I tend to avoid horny male teens

    You: and you see that to the right is my hair. yes the crazy curly stuff

    You: say what?

    Stranger: When I look at peoples souls

    You: lmao

    You: yes yes

    You: you must watch out for that

    You: lmaoYou: that caught me off guard

    You: you are a slick one

    Stranger: why thank you

    Stranger: D: sadness ensues in me

    Stranger: I must departYou: awww… ok… but why?

    Stranger: Truth be told

    You: you hate me

    You: lol why???? why???

    Stranger: NO!

    Stranger: I haven’t told anyone this but

    You: …go on

    Stranger: Me and my other friend (male) have been secretly dating for awhile and he’ll be here any minute

    You: *dramatic music* =O oh no!

    You: quickly quickly now. Escape into the forest

    You: there is a house. the chicken will greet you

    You: the CHICKEN!

    You: lol. ok

    Stranger: Ok see ya around maybe

    You: maybe you should tell someone…

    Stranger: Maybe…

    Stranger: Before I go I have a quick question

    You: yes? :l

    Stranger: want to exchange emails? you sound uber nice and fun

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    This always happens somehow. Q_Q I already miss this person….

  12. Who are you?

    "Hand me the banjo"


  13. ::The Face of Fraud::
(Click Pic)

    ::The Face of Fraud::

    (Click Pic)

  14. I Hate ^_^

    I hate people. No one in particular. Just people. They wear their facades and expect others to do the same. They conform with their fake everything. Stop being a robot. I know somewhere there are people who feel they are mindlessly moving through the motions of life. Lying at every turn to acquiesce them. I feel like I am, but just stop and break out. Stop lying. Tell your friends that you hate every single one of them. That you will continue to be their friends, but that nonetheless you hate their facades, their mannerisms, their values. Risk losing everyone to be yourself, to brutally shout the truths and fears and problems inside. We are consumed by lies. This is life. Live it the way you see fit and stop pushing others to live otherwise. People are idiots and I hate them. Just a generalization, yet one I would not be afraid to tell to every individual individually (with pleasure and relief). We are all idiots. Accept it. Move on. And face it; humans make the best failures.

    ::Puppet, presently searching for the brutal truth and those who speak it.

    P.S. This video made me laugh today.

    http://www.hatebook.com/ ::: It’s great to hate.

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