I hate people. No one in particular. Just people. They wear their facades and expect others to do the same. They conform with their fake everything. Stop being a robot. I know somewhere there are people who feel they are mindlessly moving through the motions of life. Lying at every turn to acquiesce them. I feel like I am, but just stop and break out. Stop lying. Tell your friends that you hate every single one of them. That you will continue to be their friends, but that nonetheless you hate their facades, their mannerisms, their values. Risk losing everyone to be yourself, to brutally shout the truths and fears and problems inside. We are consumed by lies. This is life. Live it the way you see fit and stop pushing others to live otherwise. People are idiots and I hate them. Just a generalization, yet one I would not be afraid to tell to every individual individually (with pleasure and relief). We are all idiots. Accept it. Move on. And face it; humans make the best failures.

::Puppet, presently searching for the brutal truth and those who speak it.

P.S. This video made me laugh today.

http://www.hatebook.com/ ::: It’s great to hate.