1. JAGANNATH, “Lord of the Universe”!!! ^_^ And TULASI!!!! Wow.

    JAGANNATH, “Lord of the Universe”!!! ^_^ And TULASI!!!! Wow.

  2. A God who Dances

    Yesterday, I met a wonderful poet who wrote “an English poetic rendition of the Tenth Canto [that] tries to remove stereotyped notions of God as a
    static and unsociable person and presents Him as the most dynamic personality.” After receiving his book, “A God who Dances,” I soon realized the magnificence of the book. An absolutely wonderful book of love and devotion and all poetry written in the same rhythm of the original sanskrit text, but in english! Unbelievable work. Please check it out.


  3. "Anyone who really wants the best for themselves should listen carefully whenever and wherever there is discussion of the All-Attractive, glorifying his amazing deeds that arise from his good qualities."
    "This cannot be overstated. And to understate this principle is to miss the entire point of what true sadhana (spiritual practice) is."
  4. New Orleans Haiku 3: The Fight

    Pressure pressure pop

    Ignorance drops, still not lost

    Salvation within

  5. Verse 4.29 Jnana Yoga (Pranayam)


    apane juhvati pranam prane ‘panam tathapare 
    pranapana-gati ruddhva pranayama-parayanah 
    apare niyataharah pranan pranesu juhvati

     There are others who sacrifice the outgoing breath in the incoming, and the incoming in the outgoing, restraining the courses of the outgoing and the incoming breaths, and remain solely absorbed in the control of the breath.

    The type of yoga for controlling the breathing process is known as pranayama, and is the fourth step of Patanjali’s system of Yoga. These breathing exercises are performed for controlling the senses in preparation for spiritual realization. The practice involves enabling simultaneous passage of air in opposite directions. As the apana air goes downward, the prana air goes up. The pranayama-yogi practices breathing the opposite way until the currents are neutralized into a puraka equilibrium. Similarly, when the exhaled breath is offered to the inhaled breath, it is called recaka. Stopping of both air currents is called kumbhaka-yoga. 

    A God conscious person, however, being always situated in the transcendental remembrance and devotion of the Lord, automatically controls his senses. A God conscious person begins from the transcendental stage, and remains constantly in that consciousness. Therefore, there is no falling down, and ultimately he enters into the abode of the Lord, without having to take recourse to these complex breathing exercises, which can actually do bodily and mental harm if done without correct guidance.

  6. "We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God…"
    Chief Joseph (Nez Perce)
  7. "‎To define yourself in terms of your human limitations is a desecration of the image of God within you."
    Paramhansa Yogananda (via yogaprivatelessons)
  8. From the Art of Living:

    "Once a man went to the Buddha and asked, "I don’t believe in God." The Buddha said, "You are right". The man went back, happy. A second man came and said, "I believe in God", to which the Buddha once again said, "You are right". That man also went back happy. Then, a third man came who humbly asked: "Some people say that there is no God. When I listen to their logic, I get convinced. But when I listen to saints, I feel that God exists. Now, I am confused. Does God exist or not?" The Buddha told him he’d come to the right place because he did not have a preconceived notion of God and so they could look for God together."

    Tuesday, 15 Nov 2011


  9. Phone Calls

    My Gmail can make free phone call apparently. What can Google not do?

    It has gone from search engine to internet god in just over a decade. Plus it has expanded to cell phones with Android, become an advertising giant with Adwords and Adsense, and big brother of the world with Google Earth and Google Maps (especially that street view).

    I think the commercial meant to say, “Google Does.”

  10. I’ve been referring to BP as BS for weeks. I love this.

 Yay Hooray / Best use of Live Journal (Official)

    I’ve been referring to BP as BS for weeks. I love this.


    Yay Hooray / Best use of Live Journal (Official)

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