1. You know that you have the best professor in the world when…

    When he sends you this email:

    Hola amigos,

    I am submitting a couple of handouts for the book review and the oral presentation. I also wanted to make sure we are all on the same page regarding incoming assignments:

    1. Oral presentations: they start next Monday 14. The order for presentations is in the handout. 
    2. Essay # 3 - book review: Due on Thursday 17.
    3. Review session for final exam: Monday 21 during class
    4. Final exam: take home exam due on Thursday 24 at 4,30 pm
    5. Farewell Party: like it is 1999…

    Please contact me if you have any questions. 

  2. Cablegate Satire Video. Very funny. Very True.

  3. Let’s just follow the rules and no one will be accused of things like “rape” and “molestation.”

Rape culture
Written by Georgia Claire on 28-09-2010

    Let’s just follow the rules and no one will be accused of things like “rape” and “molestation.”


    Rape culture

    Written by Georgia Claire on 28-09-2010

  4. Perfectly capturing my thoughts. Bravo!

    Perfectly capturing my thoughts. Bravo!

  5. A Word from Wiki


    A message from Wikipedia author Lilaroja

    A dollar, a love note and a broken heart.

    As a volunteer at the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, I read a lot of the emails that people write and letters that they send when we launch our annual campaign for support.

    Right away you realize that people aren’t just giving their money, they’re sending their love. A child happily donating one dollar from his small weekly allowance. Another check with a simple post-it message saying I LOVE WIKIPEDIAAAAA!!! Sometimes, the messages are hard to read.

    I’ll never forget hearing from a father and mother whose son had died after a rare illness. They gave out of gratitude that Wikipedia has an article to inform others about the existence of the disease that took their son’s life.

    Wikipedia means a lot of different things to those of us who use it. Whatever your personal connection, you are part of a magical community. More than 400 million people use Wikipedia and its sister sites every month — almost a third of the Internet-connected world.

    This is the time of year when people all across the Wikipedia community come together to help sustain our joint enterprise with a donation of $20, $35, $50 or whatever they can to keep Wikipedia free.

    The same way that we build Wikipedia one word at a time, we can keep it healthy and thriving one donation at a time.

    I hope you’ll choose this as the moment to send Wikipedia some love.



    Oliva, Spain___________________Lol. Seriously? I can’t help but wonder if this is a joke. 

  6. My Personal Ad

    If I had a personal ad, it would read like this:

    Writing an essay while looking funny. Would love some quiet visitors. ^_^

  7. xD ^_^ <3

    xD ^_^ <3

  8. ilovecharts:

The 20 Strangest Sex Laws

Guys might want to watch out for #14.


    The 20 Strangest Sex Laws

    Guys might want to watch out for #14.

  9. The Bernie Mac Show is funny. xD

    Too bad he died. u_u

  10. xD haha

    xD haha

  11. Tumblr Tuesday Recommendation

    Today is that day of the week again.

    However, I didn’t feel particularly inspired by any tumblrs today so I didn’t recommend anyone to tumblr. =[

    Perhaps, I am just not following the right people.

    So I ask you, whoever you may be, to recommend some tumblrs I should follow. If you read any of my long posts, you could easily figure out what I would like. =P

    Anywhoha, so go ahead and show what kind of other awesome people/tumblrs are out there because I really do want to recommend someone. =]


    P.S. Here is a few “big shot” tumblrs that I love, but don’t care to recommend because they are already very well known (or so I think):

    9gag - lmao

    secretsblog - anonymous, says what you think/do but would never post

    imgfave - pictures

    fuckyeahtoystory - pictures related to toy story

    fuckyeahglobetrotters - pictures of beautiful places

    mliaverage - funny, cute

  12. Submitted by rabittfood: My question…

    yaa.. so i know this guy who never puts the seat down after he uses it! Its really nasty, and inconsiderate!! and my question is… WHAT KINDA MANN IS THAT!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! LMAO! I must know you. Only two people know that I find that phrase, “what kinda man is that,” to be hilarious. xD

    Now let me guess, Aaron. Why? Because of your name: rabittfood. You always did want to eat my bunny ;_;

    P.S. It is a man.

  13. White House Seat Results: I love laughing =]

    Gary Wagner I agree with Debbie Trolsen- retire her chair. With one less chair, they could play a correspondant’s musical chairs. Everybody gets a different seat every day.

    Matt Harper Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?

    Todd Bloom I bet it’s like high school. You put the daft kid in front so he thinks he’s important. I bet next the White House will assign Fox “important jobs” that “no one else can do better” like cleaning the blackboard erasers.

    David Thaler Oh what’s everybody gettin’ so excited about? Don’t you know that the law requires you to yield front seats to the elderly and disabled?

    Kenneth DuPuis Boo, hiss. «LMAO.»

    Laughter is a wonderful thing. More here.

    And people too.

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