1. You should vote. Takes 10 seconds if you are already on fb.

    You should vote. Takes 10 seconds if you are already on fb.


  2. Designs by me for 7/3/10 parade.

    Designs by me for 7/3/10 parade.

  3. My July 3rd

    Looked like this:

    And then some of this:

  4. HI!

    I’m working with this great organization called Comfort the Children and I am trying to get as many votes for the non-profit to help them win $250,000 (WOW!) so if you could take 15 seconds and vote at this site: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/412123008-ctc-international-inc

    I would be very appreciative.

    P.S. don’t forget share your new found power with your friends. ^_^

    P.P.S. If anyone is interested in an (unpaid for now) internship and likes social media (twitter, fb, tumblr, youtube, etc.) and would like a new line on there resume. Just contact me asap. Spots are filling up.

  5. ctcinternational:

    Florence and Ruth

    The video is only 1:12 so take a moment and enjoy!

    The background music is great. This has to be my favorite video by CTC.

  6. Twitter Obsession?

    Is anybody obsessed with twitter with a LOT of friends on it and would like some experience added to their resume?? If you know anybody like this, please refer them to me. Thank you.
  7. Tomorrow is the day!

    I’ll vote. =]


    June 15th is the day Chase opens up a month long contest for non-profits (that’s us) to try and gain the most votes via FB. the non-profit with the most votes gets $250,000 (O_O wow!!!!) to do some good. 

    We are asking for everyone who wants to make a difference in (probably much less) 30 seconds (simple and quick, YAY) to click the link below and VOTE (tomorrow)!

    P.S. You have to first Like Chase Community Giving before you can vote.

  8. Wow. Really an amazingly inspiring video.

  9. CTC would like some interns and volunteers! ^_^

    I love this organization. <3


    CTC is now recruiting a US summer volunteer team to work on a big upcoming project. If you are a student with some free hours this summer. Let us know.

    (via )

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