1. This world is such a beautiful and expressive pond of life and time is its pulse.

    In a world of dreams and wonder. Getting no mundane tasks done.

    Its an amazing day.

  2. Dreams

    This summer I have had more dreams that I have had in past entire years. And they are all different.

    Last night though was very different because it wasn’t a nightmare and it didn’t have a lack of color like most of my dreams. Not only was it in color, but it was in bright amazing color. Though, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was technicolor.

    Summary: I wrote this so I could remember it and that if someone happened to take the time to read it in its entirety, it would make sense. To summarize the dream, I go to Africa, but it is like an entire world, not a country and it is amazingly beautiful. Details below. ^_^ Now, if you just wanted to get to the point, you don’t have to read the whole thing.

    Lengthy Version:

    In the dream, I arrived in Africa, but it seemed less like a country and felt like an endless world of plains and mountains and hills that were HUGE and all green and lush. The trees were grand and created massive canopies, but they were rare in my dream or out of sight. The enormous brilliant sun sat on the top of the walls of the green hills. So close that I felt if I climbed the massive hills, I would be able to touch it. The dream was futuristic  because the bus I was on was going incredibly fast up a massive godlike mountain with out losing any control (it made me anxious x[ ). The bus ride took forever spiraling upward and the road we were on were like huge plains carved into the side of the mountain. I felt small riding next to the tall walls of grass hills.

    The bus eventually arrived to this port/station of sorts on the side of the mountain. It was like a huge city places in one of the huge plains carved out of the mountain. The architecture reminded me of the cities in Final Fantasy X-2. The bus goes into these rails that pretty much grab the bus and automatically stop it. I get off the bus and there are people everywhere. Arriving and leaving and mingling in groups. I followed my mom (first time seeing her in the dream) up these very strange mechanical escalator stairs that only go up about 7 feet and only had space to take one person at a time. I see my sister and she walks away to the far right ( we had arrived on the left). I try to understand the stairs and work with them but I eventually climb up a half wall next to the stairs and meet a family friend who I ask if she has recovered (she is recovering in reality). She say something like, “Oh, yeah, the only thing I can’t do is listen to NPR, because its not focused solely on political news, but at the same time it is the only legit news source” or something like that. It is not personality I know to be of her so it is a very strange encounter. I see my aunt for a second walking up some stairs behind the family friend who is on this half wall talking to me. I jump off the wall and head like northeast (right and forward) to where I saw my sister walk. She disappeared though. There was a performance going on (I didn’t see it, but I knew it was going on just out of my view) in this outside futuristic and old Spain like station on a large balcony to the right of the stairways where I now was. I walk where there is a completely rock half wall that creates the boundaries of the station where many people are leaning on and peering over the edge. Over this rail, I see what looks like the brightest sparkling blue ocean I have ever seen, but we are at the top/on the side of a mountain (??). I seem to go over the rail and fall/jump into the water, but it was not far down at all like maybe a foot past where the half wall meets the ground, but when I look up from the water the half wall is above my head on a four feet rocky platform. There are three other people in the water. Two like 17/18 year old boys and a girl of the same age, all my height (5’5”). One blond short haired english boy, good looking somewhat, but pale, A blond average English girl with like orange-ish streaks in her shoulder length hair, and a brown skinned (probably english) boy with an almost buzz cut brown curly hair I didn’t see him much at all. We all swam together and played underwater without talking at all. I closed my eyes underwater feeling unafraid and really relaxed. No fears of ocean monsters or anything (something I could probably never experience in reality).

    I wake up in this tiny pool of water (not a very claustrophobic space, but close) cut off from the larger body of water because of large rocks piled on top of each other. It is paralell to where the bus dropped me off, but maybe one or two hundred or so feet to the right of where I am. (I couldn’t see it, but I knew it) The blond boy helps me climb out over the 6 foot rock barrier to where the stairs from the station led into the water. It was siting low on the other side of the tiny pool. They are dressed at this point (I don’t know why) and I say I have to go to meet my mother, sister, aunt, and the family friend at the train (train/subway rails on upper level). It takes me forever to shake the girls hand properly for some reason and I think I kiss the blond guys cheek and I dont know where the other boy went. I remember walking away past a group of school boys with big back packs who were very dark-skinned and all had the same face as this Haitian man I once met. I looked back at the girl and the boy when walking away. They stared back at me with calm content faces for minutes stretched abnormally long by the dream’s liberation from reality.

    And then I ended the dream, because I needed to get out of bed and get ready for work. =]


  3. *o*

  4. ctcinternational:

    Florence and Ruth

    The video is only 1:12 so take a moment and enjoy!

    The background music is great. This has to be my favorite video by CTC.

  5. Futuristic. *o*

  6. Amazing. *o*

  7. Hayao Miyazaki:: Ponyo on the Cliff


    You can find more info on this movie at the official website: ghibli.jp/ponyo.

    Ponyo on the Cliff is both written and directed by master animator Hayao Miyazaki, of Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle previously, and was animated at the legendary Studio Ghibli.

    Alex Billington

    :: I really enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle. The other movies are impressive as well. Miyazaki amazes me over and over again ::

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